Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech


Walk Two Moons is the type of book that takes root in your soul. Well, it took root in my soul the first time I read it–and the roots grow deeper each time I read the book or listen to the audiobook again. (If you like audiobooks, give this one a listen because the magic of this book is the combination of the lyrical language and the beautiful, heart-wrenching tale.)

Here’s how it starts:walktwomoonsnew

Gramps says that I am a country girl at heart, and that is true. I have lived most of my thirteen years in Bybanks, Kentucky, which is not much more than a caboodle of houses roosting in a green spot alongside the Ohio River. Just over a year ago, my father plucked me up like a weed and took me and all our belongings (no, that is not true-he did not bring the chestnut tree, the willow, the maple, the hayloft, or the swimming hole, which all belonged to me) and we drove three hundred miles straight north and stopped in front of a house in Euclid, Ohio.

Walk Two Moons is a story within a story within a story. Salamanca Tree Hiddle, 13, has been uprooted from her childhood home in rural Kentucky to live in Euclid, Ohio. When her grandparents decide to take a road trip to where her mother is resting peacefully in Idaho, she goes with them. Sal’s dad wants her to keep the grandparents out of trouble. She goes because she wants to see her mother, who left several months before.

As they cross the country, Sal tells her grandparents stories about her new friends in Euclid, including her friend Phoebe, Phoebe’s missing mother and Mike the lunatic. Then there is Mrs. Cadaver with the wild red hair, a series of mysterious messages, a boy named Ben and some blackberry kisses.

And, since you’re along for the ride, you’ll discover a bit of your own story too. You’ll see your own grandparents in the lovable Grams and Gramps. Your heart will break, but then be stitched back up again as you see Sal grow and change and stand on her own two feet.

To this day, I love giving Walk Two Moons to kids and adults searching for a great story. Walk Two Moons was a follow-up to Creech’s Absolutely Normal Chaos and it was award the Newbery Award in 1995. Read an except below and wait for the story to take root.

If you’ve read Walk Two Moons, what is your favorite character or part of the story? If you haven’t read it, are there any other Newbery Award winners that are your favorite reads?

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3 Responses

  1. I love this book with my whole heart. It won me over slowly, quietly, and then twisted me up in a sodden mess of heartbroken sobs. Man, what a book.

  2. I remember loving this book as a kid. That and “Bloomability” were Sharon Creech’s two best books, in my opinion. I need to re-read them both. I’ve been doing that a lot lately because my cousins are getting old enough to appreciate some of my favorite childhood books, so I want to check in and make sure the stories are still as lovely as I remember. Having complicated Judy Blume feelings lately!

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