Untraceable by Laura Griffin


Okay, I admit it, I can be a bit of a fangirl. Especially when I find a series that I love. Not one to shy away from chitchat at library or writing conferences, I pull out one of my trusty icebreakers, such as: “What do you like to read?” (I’m good, no? I’m a ton of fun on a cruise ship.)

Sometimes the unwitting stranger says, “Romantic suspense.”

“REALLY?” I say, my voice pitched higher than any self-respecting alto should go. “Have you read Laura Griffin? I LOVE–” <insert big, nearly crazy eyes here> “her books! Here, let me pull up her website and show you which one to start with…”

Soon the people cover up their nametag and start backing away. But, they won’t forget me or my spontaneous book talk for Griffin’s Tracers series. Probably because I follow up by sending them a link on Twitter.

Librarian. Stalker. Tomato. Tomahto.

Each book in the Tracers series is connected to the elite Delphi Center, where only the best forensic scientists work. In Untraceable, private detective Alexandra Lovell helps women disappear when their safety is in jeopardy. When one of her clients stops contacting her, Alex starts searching for her. Along the way she encounters sexy cop Nathan Devereaux and things really start to get interesting.

Just like the other titles in this series, Untraceable is full of page-turning suspense that keeps you up waaaaaaay too late. The strong emotional conflicts between the characters are just as compelling as the mysteries. In this title, Alex has chosen a career full of risks and danger. As a cop, Nathan’s motto is “to protect and serve.” Will he be happy with someone who constantly puts herself in danger–when he isn’t around to help?

Not only are we unsure how the mystery will end, we are also unsure of how these two strong and endearingly flawed people will ever come together.

One thing we can be sure of–I’ll be first in line to download Griffin’s 7th Tracers book, Exposed, when it’s released in May of 2013. So, good news! There is plenty of time for you to catch up with the series by then. You never know, I might just find you at a conference some day…

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Do you have any favorite mystery or romantic suspense titles? Or, what kind of suspense keeps you turning the pages?

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  1. My TBR pile is starting to look like the Empire State building but I’m adding this series to it. Thanks for the recommendation! And you can stalk/scare me at a conference any time 😉

  2. Hi Ryann – started with Untraceable, finished, and immediately downloaded Unspeakable. You, once again, owe me many hours of missed sleep 🙂 Stayed up way too late reading these…. and it was totally worth it!

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