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We have read approximatelSlide1y one gazillion books between the two of us. Give or take. And every now and then we both read and LOVE a series. And then we arm wrestle for which one of us gets to write about said series here on Land of Lost Books.

And sometimes the arm wrestling ends in a tie. Thus, we decided to start a She Read/She Read series to share our love for the incredible Seven Realms series by Cinda Williams Chima.

She Read / She Readdemonking

The Seven Realms series starts with The Demon King. Hanson “Cuffs” Alister is a reformed thief lord just trying to make an honest living and take care of his family, not knowing he has a magical legacy that will change his life forever. Princess Raisa is not your average heir to the Grey Wolf Throne of the Fells. She’s strong and smart and isn’t about to be fooled into just any marriage. Soon their lives intertwine through magic, adventure and (spoiler alert) love in this epic four book series.

At what point were you “hooked” in the series?

Lynne: The opening paragraphs in The Demon King are so visceral. The stink of the sulfur, Han’s unease as he stands on the thin crust of earth to get his prize, that tense feeling that devolves into one of laughter as the crust breaks and his friend Dancer finds him floundering and covered in mud – Cinda Williams Chima put me there. However, I was truly hooked when Dancer and Han come face to face with a trio of young wizards, known disparagingly as ‘jinxflingers’, who are clearly up to no good. It is here where the story starts.

Ryann: Lynne’s right! Chima is a master world building and she places you firmly in the Seven Realms from the start. However, I really became invested in the story when Han kidnaps a disguised Raisa at knife point and uses her as a hostage to avoid capture by the King’s Guard. He’s been imprisoned before, and he isn’t about to go back–especially since he’s innocent of the alleged crimes. He only holds her for a few hours, but we see who they each are in this short time: brave, bold and honorable.

Which character would you like to have coffee with?

Lynne: I’m tempted to say the ring leader of the aforementioned jinxflingers, Micah, as he intrigues me in a Draco Malfoy kind of way. But since coffee with Micah could go south before I could curse Hanalea’s Bloody Bones, I’ll go with Willo because she is wise and has been around the block and would be able to somehow tie an anecdote from the past into whatever drama was going on in my present and make everything better.

Ryann: Micah. Micah. Micah. Why? I HAVE QUESTIONS FOR HIM. Lots of them. Throughout the series he’s Han’s evil counterpoint and Raisa’s stubborn suitor, but we see him change. WE DO. There are forces behind him, compelling his actions, but eventually we see Micah shine through–complete with his snark. YES, PLEASE. (And I bet he gets great service where ever he goes.) 

Which character would you want with you on a deserted island?

Lynne: Can I cheat? I’d like some sort of fantastic and not at all creepy blend of Amon and Han. Amon for all that is good and wholesome and because he’d tell me straight up if I needed to go dunk myself in the ocean or if I had a piece of seaweed stuck in my teeth, and Han because – well, he’s Han. Plus, I probably wouldn’t have to bother rubbing sticks together to make fire with Han around. I’d imagine he’d be pretty darn handy with that sort of thing.

Ryann: Han Alister would be my ideal companion on a deserted island. He can hunt, he knows plants, he’s got magic in spades, and he is easy on the eyes (at least until the years of sun damage get to him). He’s also intelligent and loves to read, which means he probably could magic up a few more books to help us both pass the time. Seriously, what more could you want in a castaway?

Have you read the Seven Realms series? How would you answer these questions? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? TWO of us couldn’t be wrong. 🙂


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