Lucille by Arnold Lobel

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Screen shot 2013-01-23 at 11.54.37 AMWhen I settled down – got a job, got married, had kids and all that good stuff – my mom started ever so slowly shifting things from my childhood bedroom to my new house. A box here, a pile there, until quite a lot of my childhood mementos ended up following me into adulthood.

Some of the things I could do without (that old Barbie that smells like death, for instance) but a few things are very precious to me and I’m thankful my mom held onto them all these years. Included in that list are some classic I Can Read Books that I loved growing up. The slightly yellowed pages, the creak of the binding being opened again all these years later, my name written in childish lettering on the back cover… it all evokes a more innocent time that brings a smile to my face.

Today I’m talking about Lucille, written and illustrated by Arnold Lobel. Lucille is a story about a plain old work horse who longs to be something more, something glamorous. The farmer’s wife takes her under her wing and gussies her up – high heel shoes, new hat, delicate dress – and shows her off to all her high society friends. At first Lucille thinks bubble baths and tea parties are fabulous, but she soon realizes that even though she’s all dressed up and mingling with the ladies, what she really longs for is to be back outside, hanging with the pig and eating the flowers off her fancy hat. She just wants to be Lucille again.

A cute story with adorable illustrations, Lucille has a wonderful underlying theme about embracing who you are without coming across preachy. Great for all kids, young and (ahem) old alike.

Do you remember I Can Read Books? Have a favorite?

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