Little Women by Louisa May Alcott


Remember holiday breaks? If you were lucky, you’d have few assignments and a kitchen full of holiday treats. You might even have a long car trip that would give you lots of time to read the stack of books you checked out from the library (if only your brother would stay on his side!).

little-women-cover-goodreads-213x300I remember reading Little Women for the first time over holiday break. Wrapped in a blanket with my mom’s famous chocolate turtles within reach, I met Jo March and her (normal sized) sisters for the first time. Their father is fighting in the Civil War and Jo does whatever she can to help her family make ends meet.

Jo, like my dearest Anne Shirley, is a kindred spirit. We both share non-gender specific names and a tendency to try new, if sometimes misguided, hairstyles.

The story is one that tugs on your heart strings in more than one place. Each sister has trials and tribulations of her own, and add in a cute boy next door and all bets are off. But, that’s what make this novel a beautiful and personal experience–the ups and downs the March family face and the way Jo and others triumph in a time of extreme adversity.

But, I have to say, I would have totally married the {spoilers} person that Jo turned down. And, I’m not sure I would have been so charitable with how that situation turned out. Speaking of spoilers, no Little Women post would be complete without including this scene from the hit TV show Friends.

The novel touches me every time I read it, but I’ll never read it again for the first time. My feelings for the book are a mixture of love for the story and  my nostalgic childhood memories. So, while I’ll be able to read it and love it over and over again, it will never be as magical as that very first time.

What books do you wish you could read again, for the very first time?

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