James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser

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Ohh… men in kilts. Am I right ladies? Eh? Eh? And in my opinion, there is no finer example of a kilted gent than myScreen shot 2013-02-21 at 11.53.36 AM Ultimate Fictional Boyfriend, one James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. Of course, those close to him (me, me, oh please, let it be me!) simply call him Jamie.

Since Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 12.31.50 PMmy Ultimate Fictional Boyfriend choice is the Ultimate Man in a Kilt, I figured I should probably do some research. You know. Just to make sure. So I started with a google search for “men in kilts.” Um. People. There were A LOT of upshots, and apparently the stereotype of what is worn (or not!) underneath is true. Don’t believe me? I dare you to do an image search. It boogles how many people are willing to bare their junk on the Internet. The whole process reminded me of why I need a parental control filter on my computer.

Another thing I learned? Not everyone can pull off wearing a kilt, even if you’re hot. For example:

Liam Neeson? A resounding hell yeah!
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Gerard Butler? Eh. A little too schoolmarm for me.

Also: Apparently Stormtroopers are of Scottish descent:

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Set for Stunning

But I’ll tell you this: as fabulous as some of these (warning! R-rated) kilt wearing men are, none live up to the image in my mind of Jamie Fraser.

And here’s why:

  • He’s not a complainer. Broken finger? So what, just set it. Another broken finger? *Shrugs* Just set it. Same broken finger? Whatever. Bayonet wound? Gun shot? Excessive queasiness on the water? No biggie, let’s go sailing.
  • His teeth – he’s still got ’em, and they’re in good shape. Hey. Don’t knock it. It was rare back then.
  • The Gaelic. Oh, aiy. I’ll be your mo nighean donn any day.
  • The way he gentles a horse. With a firm hand. Come on.

There’s more, of course, but you get the drift.

If I can’t have Jamie, then I’ll take Roger – he’s the Thrush, for crying out loud. Or Dougal, because *shiver* he’s just the right amount of wrong. Or Young Ian, post face tattoos – yes, it would seem that both Ryann and I have a thing for tattoos. I knew there was a reason we’re friends. Or Fergus, because he’s French. And there’s his hook. Okay, I don’t know that means. I’ll stop now.

I started Fictional Boyfriend month declaring my love for Almanzo ‘Manly’ Wilder. And listen: he’s still top boyfriend material as far as I’m concerned, along with fine contenders Draco Malfoy and Hector and Four. But in Fictional Boyfriend Thunderdome there is no one I would rather have in my corner and on my arm than Jamie Fraser. I can’t wait to find out who they cast in the much rumored Outlander Starz series!

Who would you pick to be your Ultimate Fictional Boyfriend? And I’ll also field comments on your Ultimate Man in a Kilt. Links to pictures welcome, natch.

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  1. This is going to sound wrong, but in the spirit of the question…

    It’s Stan Crandall from FIFTEEN by Beverly Cleary. GOD. How I wanted to kick Jane in the shins. The day that I realized my husband was a grown up Stan Crandall was a good day indeed.

    (and re the post: This Outlander series, if it happens, is going to make my decade.)

    1. Oh boy, haven’t that read one in a long time. Might have to go dig it out again. Bitsy, Buzz, Stan, Jane… like a roll call of all the most popular names in the 50’s. (-:

  2. Sigh, I love Jamie for all the things you said – and I think the first trait you mention makes him especially attractive! 😉 Also – we would make beautiful gingers together. Ahem.
    Ok, so – other men in kilts that flip my skirt:
    Karen Marie Moning’s MacKeltar’s from her Highlander romances, most especially Dageus and Cian.
    If the Outlander series happens, we may need to plan more GNO’s to watch it, like guys would do for UFC shows.

  3. I love the Outlander series and am reading it now. I’m on my way to go find a stone circle to find Jamie, my fictional boyfriend right now. Strong, fearless, and wears a kilt what’s not to love.

  4. *scribbles* I believe I’ll need to interview these candidates to determine their suitability as fictional boyfriends. (Adds whole list to Goodreads queue)

  5. What was the question? Who cares because the answer is JAMIE FRASER!! There were plenty of times throughout the Outlander series that I wanted to throttle Claire but Jamie just made me fall deeper and deeper in love with him. I think he’s probably the most layered, romantic hero I’ve read. Ever. Fierce, loyal, tender, thick-headed, intelligent and loving all describe him. Oh and the kilt is just the icing on the cake.

      1. Exactly!

        Even in the first book where she KNOWS she’s a fish out of water and needs to calm the eff down/lay low/watch things, she does the thing Jamie asked her not to and then gets all whiny seven year old on him when he has to punish her for the sake of the rest of the men (who all want to throttle her too, btw). At first, I was like “oh my gosh, he’s not actually going to beat her is he? And normally it’s NEVER okay with me for male characters to get violent with their lady love interests, but considering the time, all the extenuating circumstances and the fact that the men might have done her harm if he didn’t, I made it to the point where I understood it.

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