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We welcome reviews from other book lovers on our submissions page. Today’s guest post is from Eliza Evans, a New Mexican ex-pat airlifted to the outskirts of Chicago for love, sweet love.  She writes women’s fiction.  In her spare time she cooks gluten free, corrals her trio of slightly evil calico cats and watches way too much reality TV.


As soon as my library started lending Kindle books last fall, I hopped online to check out their selection.  As I searched the database, a cover with a pair of desk chairs and the title Attachments split in half and held together with a paper clip popped out at me.  After a moment, I remembered that Ryann had recommended it to me.  I downloaded it and once it hit my e-reader I opened it up, expecting to read a chapter or two.  Instead I read it in one huge gulp, staying up way too late and annoying my husband with my nightstand lamp.

Attachments is the story of a man named Lincoln who is in hibernation, pretty much.  After high school, he followed his beloved girlfriend from home in Nebraska to California, where he expected that they’d go to school, graduate and get married.  He had happily ever after all figured out.  Predictably, this plan goes wrong and by the next year he is home and enrolled in the state school his single mother had wanted for him all along.  The next ten years of his life are dedicated to college; he receives multiple masters degrees, mostly because he didn’t want to leave the comfortable place he’s made in school.

The novel beattachments_UKgins shortly after Lincoln has taken a job working nights at the local newspaper, reading the emails of anyone who runs afoul of the paper’s internet content policy and sending warnings.  (The book is set in the run up to Y2K before newspapers really had to understand the internet.)  And here’s the beauty of Attachments: not only is it about Lincoln, but it’s an epistolary novel featuring the letters of Jennifer and Beth, two friends who work at the newspaper.  Their emails are so charming and funny that Lincoln can’t bear to give them warnings that someone can see their conversations.

So he doesn’t.  He just keeps reading.

I realize this could seem like a deal breaker.  What kind of creepy dude reads personal emails?  And then dares to fall in love with one of the authors?  It’s a testament to Rowell’s talent that Lincoln isn’t creepy, just someone who has spent too much of his life asleep and is trying, the best way he knows how, to wake up.

Do you have any dealbreakers when it comes to books?  Have you ever given a dealbreaker book a chance anyway?

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15 Responses

  1. I love a good epistolary novel and this sounds exactly like the kind of “shouldn’t love it but I do” type book that I’m fond of. I’ll be adding Attachments to my TBR pile. Thanks to Eliza for the guest post and as always, to LOLB for the excellent recommendations.

  2. I recently read ATTACHMENTS, thanks to Ryann’s recommendation as well, and loved it for all the reasons you listed. Plus, on a personal note, it reminded me of my days working in an office where I met and began dating my husband. Our long-running joke was that the IT guy was probably reading our emails, so we’d always end each letter with, “Hi, Jerry!” (Jerry was the IT guy, of course). Anyway, this book made me remember those days fondly.

    I also wanted to be BFFs with Beth and Jennifer.

    1. That’s so funny! We should all include “Hi, Jerry!” in our emails. And make them longer, letter styles versus the short texty types I usually send now. Also, I still us ps in emails. PS. I WILL NEVER STOP.

    2. Oh, wow! I love ‘Hi, Jerry.’

      And, YES! I really wanted to be friends with Beth and Jennifer. So funny and snarky, but there for each other. I’m lucky to have a few good friends like that.

      1. Even if she doesn’t tour to Chicago, we should have an E & P launch party and Skype Rainbow in. We’ll all meet up at a restaurant with “&” in the title. Ben & Jerry’s. I’m sure there are others but would it matter?

  3. This:

    “It’s a testament to Rowell’s talent that Lincoln isn’t creepy, just someone who has spent too much of his life asleep and is trying, the best way he knows how, to wake up.”

    YES! Perfectest description of Lincoln I’ve read. Excellent review of one of my favorite books.

  4. A friend of mine (internet friend from recommended this book and I, too, read it in one gulp. And fell in love with the characters. ALL of them. And didn’t want it to end. And went looking for more to read by the author. And was disappointed to see there was /wail/ NOTHING. ELSE. AVAILABLE! /gnash teeth. And was disgruntled. And used ‘and’ too often to begin sentences.
    I was happy to learn today (after being directed here by that same friend) that RR has more books coming out. Yayhappydance!

    1. I’m so glad you found us!! AND that now you have two new Rainbow Rowell books to look forward to! 🙂 If you have other favorite books you feel passionate about–feel free to submit a review at the tab above. Thanks for the comments!

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