Fictional Girlfriend: Meg from Call Me Irresistible


Have you ever been forced to make a tough decision? Did you hear Dumbledore’s voice in your head, saying “Soon we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy”?CallMeI

That’s what happens for Meg Koranda in Susan Elizabeth Phillips Call Me Irresistible.  (Well, mostly. I’m inferring the Dumbledore part but I’m pretty sure that happened.)

Everyone thinks Meg is an aimless, spoiled Hollywood brat–except her best friend, Lucy. When Meg arrives to quaint Wynette, Texas to be Lucy’s maid of honor, she finally meets the groom, Ted. He is perfect.

Too perfect.

And Lucy will be miserable bending to become his version of perfect too.

What would you do? No, really. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

Well Meg listens to her inner-Dumbledore and shares her concerns with Lucy. She confirms fears the bride was trying to ignore and, of course, everyone blames Meg when Lucy leaves Ted at the alter.

Lucy’s parents tell Meg to wait in Wynette for Lucy to come back. The problem? Meg is currently broke. And homeless. And cut off from her famous parents as they try to curb her wandering ways.

Why Meg would be a great fictional girlfriend:

  • She’s a good friend, even when it isn’t easy.
  • She has pride. When Ted throws money at her to get out of town, she refuses to take it. She prefers to earn her own way even though she is living hand-to-mouth in an abandoned church.
  • She’s honest and perceptive. She sees through Ted’s saintly act and tells him exactly what she thinks. Which Ted finds…intriguing.
  • She has integrity. Even though Ted makes her life a living hell, she tries to tell the rest of the town that they are making him unhappy.
  • She’s independent. Ted carries the weight of the town on his shoulders, she refuses to be another burden. She returns the furniture he delivers for her and doesn’t tell him when someone leaves her threatening messages at the church. (Hey, she’s not perfect. Who wants that anyway?)megjewelry
  • She’s a friend to the environment. She voices her opinions on green living even when others don’t want to hear them.
  • She’s crafty. She fashions funky jewelry out of found objects and historical pieces. I LIKE FUNKY JEWELRY. (Note–Meg didn’t make that jewelry, Moon Over Maize on Etsy did.)

Soon, Meg falls in love with Wynette–and with Ted–but will they fall in love with her? Your heart will ache with Meg and Ted throughout this journey (which is my favorite thing EVER). Then you can read Lucy’s story in The Great Escape. If you are a SEP fan, you will have met several of these characters before. If you haven’t, you can still read this one on its own–and then go back and read ALL THE BOOKS. Trust me, you’ll want to.).

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Meg is one of my favorite heroines, as you can tell. What traits make you like a heroine?

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