Each Little Bird That Sings by Deborah Wiles


Comfort Snowburger is a 10-year-old expert on funerals. She should be since her family owns the town funeral home and she’s beeEachLittleBirdn to over 200 funerals herself. She knows who makes the best casseroles and who to avoid at all costs–her annoying cousin, Peach.

Rule #1 – “You don’t have to wear black to a funeral, any old color is fine, just don’t wear a wedding dress or your torn shorts!”

But when someone close to her dies–the rules change. Comfort is charged with caring for Peach-the-troublemaker when all she really wants to do is hang out in the closet with her sweet and lovable Labrador, Dismay. *BEWARE. FORESHADOWING.*

Each Little Bird That Sings is set firmly in a quirky Mississippi town with a zany and real cast of characters. Humor, love and loss intertwine in a way that is both youthful and honest. Once you (or your middle grade reader) are hooked by Deborah Wiles’ beautiful voice, you’ll want to continue with her other Aurora County titles.

Beyond being a beautiful read, books like this have an important role in in the life of a child. They help kids experience emotions and situations through familiar characters before (hopefully) they deal with the situations in real life.

Do you remember the first book that made you cry?

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