BabyLit Classic Books for Babies!


Goodnight Moon got you down? Try something new for yochristmasu or for a new baby in your life! I admit, I was skeptical when I first saw these classics-turned-baby books. Until I took a few home and read them with my favorite baby! Not one to overlook a perfect opportunity, I dressed baby up as an elf and took one million pictures while he read The Christmas Carol: A Color Primer. Based on the famous story, the book highlights colors and objects such as “Marley’s Gold chains” or “Scrooge’s Black Hat”.

Even more adorable was Pride and Prejudice: A Counting Primer! I loved this book–from “1 English Village” to “4 Marriage Proposals” to “9 Fancy Ball Gowns”.

You can still enjoy these books even if your little one (or even you) aren’t familiar with the original works. The unique stories and art will provide many oppppbabylitbookortunities to introduce new vocabulary words that aren’t usually spoken around babies. The beautiful illustrations might not be developmentally appropriate for newborns, but they will be a hit with older babies and everyone else! Check out the BabyLit site to other fun products, as well.

So, whether you have a child, need a baby shower gift or just want to add a unique book to your own shelf–check out the entire series.

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