About Land of Lost Books

The idea for Land of Lost Books came about when I pulled out my very tattered copy of the classic novel, The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare. I first read it as a child, and have enjoyed it countless times since, including recently sharing it with my nine-year-old daughter.

I checked online to see if it was still in print, and found that it was available, and also thrilled to find out it is still regularly read and reviewed by plenty of people today.

But that got me thinking: what about those others stories that made a splash, then disappeared? Or never made a big impact, but should have? How about the books that pulled you in so deeply you couldn’t put them down? Wouldn’t it be great to create a forum where people could share their thoughts on these hidden gems and get others excited to re-read them, or discover a great new story for the first time?

And thus, Land of Lost Books was born ~ For those who love getting lost in a good story.

Every few days, Ryann and I will share a title that we think deserves some attention. But, we won’t hog all the fun. Check out the Submissions page to shine a spotlight on your favorite book.


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